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With some oversimplification, one might thus say that 'classes' are stratified according to their relations to the production and acquisition of goods; whereas 'status groups' are stratified according to the principles of their consumption of goods as represented by special 'styles of life.'

p.193, From Max Weber

Whereas the genuine place of classes is within the economic order, the place of status groups is within the social order, that is, within the sphere of the distribution of honor. From within these spheres, classes and status groups influence one another and they influence the legal order and are in turn influenced by it. But parties live in a house of power.

p. 194

... Parties are ... only possible within communities that are societalized, that is, which have some rational order and a staff of persons available who are ready to enforce it

The sociological structure of parties differs in a basic way according to the kind of communal action which they struggle to influence.

... their aima is not necessarily the establishment of new international political, i.e., terriotorial dominion. In the main they aim to influence the existing dominion. p.195


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